Jon Jones – Man On The Moon

The man to beat at 205?

Because most of the buzz surrounding this Saturday’s UFC 126 is aimed at the Brazilian super-fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, it could be easy to forget that legend-in-the-making Jon ‘Bones’ Jones will also be stepping into the cage against undefeated ASU alum Ryan Bader.

After successfully dominating both Brandon Vera and Vladimir Matushenko with nothing more than his left elbow, Bones’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past 12 months, resulting in increased media exposure, magazine covers and even a shoe deal with K-Swiss. But why am I telling you all this? The guys over at Neon Bar Fights have made it much easier by putting his meteoric-rise into video format. Observe:

This Video Will Make You Angry It’s Not February 5th Yet

You still haven’t subscribed to NickTheFace2′s YouTube channel yet, have you? Don’t lie to us, we know the truth.

We also know another truth, and that is that the UFC is making a massive miscalculation by not offering this man an immediate spot on the corporate roster (with benefits). The quality of his pre-fight videos continue to exceed even the best spots that the UFC has released in the past, and even the one’s that the claim not to have released.

In today’s video, Nick gets us ready next month’s UFC 126 with this mind-blowingly good preview of Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort. Watch it. Enjoy. And for the love of God, subscribe.

Bruce Buffer Wages War Against Joe Silva Impostor

Bruce Buffer: Best. Wingman. Ever.

Bruce Buffer, the UFC’s beloved Ring Announcer, has been stepping up his game as of late.

First, he took Joe Rogan up on his challenge to finally develop a new signature move at UFC 124. Then, he hopped on the blower at Vegas’s amazing Club XS to cheer on a few guys stupid rich enough to buy a bottle of $100,000 champagne. And finally, later that same night he somehow managed to pull five ridiculously hot girls from the crowd while still having the common decency to invite his boy Rampage over to share the wealth.

As far as all-time friends go, that last deed alone would put him right in our top-10.

But Buffer wasn’t done there.

Yesterday afternoon, word began to spread that UFC Matchmaker, Joe Silva, had become the latest UFC VP to join the ever-active MMA Twitter community. As followers quickly began to add up for the Zuffa man of mystery, Buffer stepped in and immediately showed support for his long-time friend.

But shortly thereafter, Bruce apparently had a (no doubt hilarious) face-to-face conversation with Silva that resulted in the following tweet being posted:

What a friend, right?

Now, normally, a story like this would end right here – the impostor would be outed, we would all un-follow the account and life would go on without another word said. This particular story, however, is not normal, because what happened immediately thereafter surprised us all.

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Dana White: Fight Week|Blog Week

Much like this website, Dana White has returned from (what felt like) an endless silence today, with not only some good news for his fans, but also the first of his pre-UFC 125 video blogs. And where does he start? Why, with a behind the scenes look at UFC 124, of course.

Should you feel the need to skip ahead, here is a short cheat sheet so you can quickly skip through Dana’s night in Montreal:

  • Is it finally time for Bruce Buffer to one-up the Buffer 360? Joe Rogan seems to think so (0:20)
  • Just how loud was it inside the Bell Center?  Picture Jurassic Park on steroids (5:02)
  • For a man who has seen a fair number of knockouts, UFC Owner Lorenzo Fertitta nearly jumps out of his seat when Mac Danzig one-punches Joe Stevenson (5:40)
  • Bruce Buffer reveals… the Buffer Pirouette? (7:20)

Not That Excited For Edgar/Maynard II? Watch This

Back in early September, Chael Sonnen spoke for many of us in saying that UFC 125′s championship bout between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard lacked much of the excitement that most UFC title fights bring to the table. Even when you consider that both fighters have a combined record of 23-1, and that the one loss took place when Maynard dominated the (now) champion Edgar three years earlier, it has been hard to generate very much interest in a fight that is almost guaranteed to go to decision.

That is, of course, until YouTube’s NickTheFace2 got involved.

With only four days left until fight night, this brilliant trailer to reminds us exactly how we got to this point, why these two are the top lightweights in MMA and why his rematch is worthy of our attention. Check it out and start getting ready, because this Saturday will most likely shape the future of the LW division for years to come.

Matt Hughes Rides A Wave Of Optimism Into His Upcoming UFC 123 Rubber Match Against BJ Penn

With an important rubber match against fellow UFC legend BJ Penn looming on the horizon, Matt Hughes must be feeling pretty confident about his chances. Having struggled badly in both his prior matches against the former lightweight champ, Hughes seems to have since found his rhythm, and will enter the cage riding a three-fight win streak and a tidal wave of momentum. In his two most recent fights there have been noticeable improvements in both his striking and submission game, and he appears to be as confident as ever in his abilities to keep his fights and his opponents exactly where he wants them.

Penn, meanwhile, has been less than impressive. Coming off back-to-back losses against now-champ Frankie Edgar, in which he put up uninspired, lackluster performances, BJ has now found himself in an unusual position where he not only needs to prove that he can still keep up with the best, but also that he actually wants to. We posted Penn’s thoughts on the fight and what it means to him last week, and now it’s time for Hughes to give his take.

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